Frequently Asked Questions

What requirements does the USPS have for envelopes?

For standard mailings, here are the U.S. Post Office requirements to keep in mind when designing an envelope:

- The logo and your property address must be shown, in order to receive your own returned mail. They cannot extend down from the top of the envelope further than 2 3/4".

- The logo must be 5/8" from the left side of the envelope, and the return address left-justified beneath the logo.

- Indicia for postage-paid envelopes must be placed 1/4" from the top and right edge. Indicia block measures 1" wide x 3/4" deep.

- The Bar Code Clearance Area must measure 5/8" up from the bottom edge and extend 4 3/4" from the bottom-right-hand corner of the envelope. Mailing address to be listed with important information "from the bottom up."